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5 points to loose or gain weight (hint: You don’t have to follow anything)

So, we are well known with all the different diets that celebrities, athletes follow and we are always asked to follow, but the possibility of following such hard diets at least maintaining the diet for ever is impossible and if we loose the pace, we can regain all the weight, eventually more weight than before.

Weight gain and loss of weight is not directly connected with calories because calories are just unit of energy, this means it is only a disguise of energy that burns and release energy which facilitates various activities of our body. Muscles play a major role in our body mass and this mass is “The Weight”.

1. Carbs are not your Enemy: YES! It isn’t your enemy, the low carb diet do nothing, if you talk about the results, that is definite to find some good results without carbs because that is sure, you’ll have fibres, proteins, minerals and good fat and other micro nutrients specifically with some amount of carbs.

2. Breakfast is must! : Want to loose or gain weight? Never ignore the breakfast, it is the super meal of the day. Try some starchy or proteinaceous meal in the morning. It will give you intense energy as well as fullness for a longer period, but ignore white flour (maida), refined, sugary or oily food in the morning or anything preservative.

3. Eat whatever you want, just count the QUANTITY: To be specific, one can never count the calories all the time but the quantity of your meal can decide the need and detect the rest of unwanted urge. Do not cut down the amount you generally eat all of a sudden, but gradually. The gradual reduction in the quantity will help your body to understand the right amount of food needed and choose healthy to eat.

There are several reasons for skinny body, the muscle mass gives the proper healthy physique to a person. Muscle mass is all what we need, the first instance when we hear muscle mass we imagine a muscular weight trainer’s or a wrestler’s body but that is totally wrong. Our body is made for movements, you must be aware of how many joints, bones, cartilages and the muscles we have.

4. Include protein and water to your diet: Carbohydrates and fats are abundant but protein is something that we often skip from our diet. It is not our fault but we never look upto this issue of consuming less protein which is indeed the core reason for the inability to loose or gain weight. Protein builds muscle mass and also helps in burning 100-200 calories, plus, it accelerates the mitochondria of our cells which regulates the metabolic activities. Protein also helps with good digestion and increases fullness similar to fibre rich food. Stay hydrated, we do need a lot water, not only to relief our thirst but also it helps in cleaning our kidney and in other regulating processes. Water is the essential requirement of our life.

5. WORKOUT (You can skip a few time): Workout is necessary if you want to stay healthy by all means. You are skinny, doesn’t matter. Do workout! Because this will lead to a healthy life, being skinny doesn’t mean your healthy, so, make a right choice. To loose weight one can go for cardio, that to a high intense cardio workout, that is something where you have to workout intensely for 30 secs or a minute and stop or you can do it according to your health for 7-10 minutes at a medium intense pace. This helps your metabolic rates to increase at least for 24 hours (it means burning more calories for 24-36 hours).

But cardio alone can not do wonders, you need to do weight training as well. To get toned body, cool muscles and right physique and of course healthy body, just go for it. Whether you want to loose weight or gain weight, protein and the workout regime has to be added in the lifestyle. This means you can use dumbell, kettlebell, resistance band, water bottles of equal weight or body weight: pushups, dips, planks, squats. You can go for an enjoyable dance workout as well.

Below mentioned are some coolest videos for cardio dance workouts, 1 mile walk workouts with Leslie Sansone and Indian bolly dance workouts! You can workout with all the videos down below even in your living room, bedroom, office, or even with group (with social distance)

(I suggest companies to encourage these workouts in the team quality time) 🙂

And there are so many other videos. Have fun 🙂 do not hurry with the results, always love your body. It is the most fortunate thing that you can ever get. Do not put strain on your body with very intense workouts, it can damage your muscles and give you constant cramps. Just understand what your body want. Choose correct and sufficient exercises. You can skip for two three days as well that will do good, chill.

Have fun!

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This is Somi Rishabh from India.
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